Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am in awe of Roxanna Zamani's couture collection, 'Incongruous'. It's not that I covet a piece, divine as the dress below is, but more because I deeply admire her talent.  

Designer: Roxanna Zamani,  'Incongruous'
Photography: Inge Flint

It astonishes me how she conceived the designs, sketched them, made workable patterns, and then put them together in the workroom.   Her vision, skill set and artistry is amazing.

Roxanna says 'Incongruous' captures the beauty of opposites reconciled; the tension between rigidity and fluidity, and the contrast between structure and softness.  You can read more about the collection and Roxanna Zamani here and here.

Photography: Inge Flint

And you can see how the garments move (or not) in the short runway clip below.

I hope you enjoy the link.  In a sure sign middle-age looms, I find myself absurdly clucky about talented young New Zealanders, and just a little bit wistful.