Monday, August 15, 2011

August Snow

And again Christchurch city has closed - snowbound for the second time in a month. It's day two and counting.

We are very grateful for our one remaining wood fire.  The heat pump the Government kindly installed as compensation for having lost three fires (earthquake damaged chimneys) keeps icing over.

Not looking the gift horse in the mouth though...

No al fresco breakfast 

Serious dumping on the rocking horse

New patio in the making - half laid with
salvaged bricks from our chimney stacks

From our bedroom through the
french doors to the veranda


Nicola said...

lovely to see your name pop up : ) Keep warm - if not a little shack happy? Kids loving it - but our fire has never been so consistently fed : )

Michelle Trusttum said...

Must remind you of home! Well, on the outside, at least. Frigid NZ houses with no central heating aside...x

Jo said...

What is mother nature going to throw at you next Michelle ?...must say the pictures do look fabulous though ! :o)

Michelle Trusttum said...

I know! I'll take the snow any day.

And schools reopening sometime this week would be good. x