Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little by little

It's an unusual thing to befriend a blog; to feel the urge for a daily hit of blog love. It is even more ridiculous to feel so extremely pleased that the author of your blog crush not only read your comment, but replied to it.

I dare not analyse any further. So squirming aside, the simple fact is I discovered a lovely blog in Backwards in High Heels, by Tania Kindersley.

I note that come April, I will have been blogging, intermittently, for five years. I have hidden selected earlier posts, which plunges my blogging average to barely breathing.   In addition to purging posts, I have jettisoned my previous blog site.  I have also decided to be extremely brave by posting under my own name, and not an outdated, irrelevant nom de plume.

I was all early adopter with questionable substance and tenuous staying power. And that's ignoring the elephant in the room a.k.a. "purpose".  Now that I'm stripped bare, as it were, I'm experiencing stage-fright. 

Tania Kindersley does many things very well, but there are three key learnings for me, a wannabe blogger: post daily; post pictures, again, daily; reply to all comments (presuming they will come if following steps 1 and 2).

Of course, this is not actually news to me. What I'm really hoping is that if I just drop by Backwards in High Heels daily any possible resistance to blogging, or blogs in general, will diminish. Already I feel the need to comment regularly, so surely it is a matter of degrees - commenting on others' posts to posting your own?

And as for the elusive sense of direction, I'm working on it.


Michelle Trusttum said...

The wonderful Tania Kindersley actually commented on this post. (It originally appeared on my previous blog and I, being at a loss about how to start 'free-ranged', copied it.)

Tania's blog has a very established and loyal following. That she took the time to say extremely nice and encouraging things to me... well, I blushed pink. Thank you, Tania.

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