Monday, January 17, 2011

The detective pays a visit

Vacuuming at speed before the arrival of the affable Detective Sergeant I am reminded of my mother.  She would not be in such a predicament.  Her flooring is immaculate.  Always.  Even after a year of chemotherapy, diminished function and a visit from the grandchildren; always with the immaculate floors.  

It's the compulsion to vacuum before the Detective Sergeant arrives.  That's from my mother.  

Crumbs, dog hair and other detritus will not do, and I'm not even under suspicion.  It's not like I need to assume domestic decency and generally being above reproach.  On the contrary, I may hold one of the clues to help the affable DS catch a thief.  I could have gotten away with a bit of slovenliness.  With him, at least.  

Not so the mother of my mind's eye.  I am resigned to never quite living up to my internalised expectations on the domestic front.  On the upside, it's easy to stage a little rebellion without causing too much offence or indeed, without any effort whatsoever.  It's a mildly warming idea.  

A lovely idea is that I can find my mother in all things; even the mundane, the every day. 

A perfectly wonderful idea, is Purple Cake Day. 

The incomparable Emily Sanson-Rejouis launched the website today, January 17, to commemorate her middle daughter Zenzie's birthday,  who would have been five had she survived the Haiti earthquake.

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