Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kiss Mix reward

I have been more responsible with our power consumption.  Disciplined.  It is time to reward my summertime domestic commitment to only washing clothes on fine days and hanging them on the line to dry.  And it hasn't been all blue skies and balmy temperatures of late.  My resolve has been tested by days of rain.  Still, NO dryer.

My indulgence of choice comes much recommended by Christina Lindsay at Fashion's Most Wanted - a blog tonic if ever there was one.  It's testament to my many, varied contradictions that I found myself reading her post, 'Addicted to lip balm'. And I'm so glad I did. I have been persuaded by her recommendation and await the courier.  

Eve Lom's Kiss Mix
Available in New Zealand through Meccacosmetica.

Next on the list of much coveted indulgences is a visit to the hairdresser. (I'm uncomfortable with the idea that good hair is no longer a given.)  I have purged the number of salon visits per annum to an almost unacceptable bare minimum, so it's a much anticipated event.   

The question is: do I return to what I considered the higher maintenance blonde, or continue with my very recent brunette dalliance and risk the contrasting grey?

As a (former) career brand marketing specialist, the blonde signature idea is hard to shake.  It will, undoubtedly, depend on the day.

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